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About Connexions

GMCP provides services to a wide range of young people and adult customers who are looking for help with their career.  

Some of this is funded through the Local Authority, for example where young people are unemployed.

The National Careers Service provides careers information and advice for adults free of charge but you need to be 18+ to access a face-to-face session with an Adviser.  

Many of the schools in the Liverpool City Region have purchased a Career Connect service which means they have a dedicated Careers Adviser on-site delivering tailored services in their school building, as well as access to a school careers web portal and an online Virtual PA Team; but a small number of schools have made other arrangements for offering careers information advice and guidance.  

If your school or college does not have a Career Connect Adviser and you are looking for some help with your plans ask a teacher or the Careers Co-ordinator where you can get support. 

They have a statutory duty to provide you with some independent and impartial careers advice and guidance.  

Anyone can access online information and advice through the National Careers Service at

National Careers Service web site

There are some really helpful articles and this is available to young people, adults, those in education or training and people already in jobs. 

We know that there are some people who would like the opportunity for a face-to-face careers guidance interview with a local GMCP Adviser, but are not eligible under the current funding arrangements.

We are working on this issue and hope to bring you more information shortly about how you can book in for a private professional guidance interview with a qualified careers adviser who really understands the local labour market and career opportunities.  There will be a small charge for this service but you will be making a worthwhile investment for your future.

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About Connexions
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