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Out of School

We work closely with people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) 

to help them find a job or course that will get them started in their career.
Connexions Personal Advisers will work with unemployed young people to ensure they are able to access learning and training opportunities that they enjoy, and more importantly lead to a positive future.
Our team of friendly Personal Advisers can meet with young people at youth centres, community centres, training providers and with other agencies where young people meet so we can see young people where they feel most comfortable.  Our staff have access to the full range of learning programmes, apprenticeship opportunities, jobs and courses so that young people can weigh-up all their options before making those all important decisions.  We know that some young people might not be ready to take the plunge yet and there is lots of help and support available to help them get themselves ready to start work or learning. Connexions won’t judge or condemn young people who are unemployed,
Advisers understand that some people need an extra bit of support to work through some problems. Their job is to help motivate them and inspire young people to take the first step and get on the right track with their career pathway. 
You can contact any of our
Connexions Centres for help and advice. 
We also have a team of advisers available via
Email Us (Personal.Adviser@connexionslive.com) or phone 0800 0126 606,
Text on 07624803131 we are available 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday


Unemployed Young People
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