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Employer Involvement

As an Employer you may be looking to employ a young person and we can certainly help you with that, and there's also lots of help available to you to ensure that you have a suitably trained and qualified workforce. As a result of your involvement, information from employers helps us to ensure that we are giving the right careers advice and labour market information.

From employer partnerships in Apprenticeships and Work Based  Learning, to help with the New Diplomas, Enterprise Education and Work Related Learning in schools, there is a high demand for employers to be involved in the qualification and education of young people.

The benefits to you and your company of becoming involved include:

  • An increase of your trained and qualified workforce
  • Development of the skills of your existing staff
  • Ability to influence local provision and training to better suit your needs
  • Primary engagement with young people - your prospective workforce
  • Contact with lively young minds, who may stimulate new ideas and possibilities
  • Promote your business sector
  • Increased knowledge of the education sector
  • Development of a win/ win partnership with education
  • Enhancement of your company profile through PR opportunities

So if you want to take on Apprentices, be involved in Work Based Learning, are looking to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility plans or think you can spare just a few hours to inform young people about your business, please let us know, and we will point you in the right direction
contact us:

FREEPHONE 0800 028 4723 - (9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday)

e mail: vst@connexionslive.com

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