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Employment Legislation

As you will be aware, there are laws employers need to be aware of regarding their employees- not least of which is mandatory Employers Liability Insurance.

Some laws also specifically cover the employment of young people. Although this area is not intended to give you the full chapter and verse on employment law, we have put together some information on the areas relating to young people that we are asked about most frequently.

For up to the minute, in depth information, use the link on the right for the Department of Business Innovation and Skills web site.

For help with matters about general employment information you can contact the Advisory, Reconciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) use the link on the right for their web site

or phone them on their National helpline 08457 47 47 47 

There are many other employee rights we have not covered here, such as flexible working hours, maternity and paternity leave etc.

Our experienced Vacancy Services Team can help you with advice and signposting about these regulations, if required.

Tel FREEPHONE 0800 028 4723

Email: vst@connexionslive.com

Lega Advice

For up to the minute, in depth information, access the website for the Department for Business Innovation & Skills

at www.bis.gov.uk

or Business Link at www.businesslink.gov.uk 

general employment information, contact the Advisory, Reconciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)
see their website at www.acas.org.uk

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