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Merseyside Higher Education Conference 2014

The Merseyside UCAS Higher Education Convention 2014 is at the University of Liverpool Guild of Students building on 11/12 June 2014.

It is for anyone who is considering applying to higher education and wants help in making a realistic choice of course and university. 

Exhibitor List
Please click here to see an alphabetical list of the exhibitors at the 2014 Merseyside UCAS Higher Education Convention.
A list in floor plan order will be available in the Convention Guide that should be ready in the week commencing 19.5.14
Once available a PDF of the Guide will be available on this website.
The Marketplace
The Marketplace where the exhibitors are situated is open from 09.30 to 14.00 on each day of the Convention.
The Marketplace is situated in the University of Liverpool Guild of Students Building, 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5TR
You do not have to attend the Marketplace when it opens at 09.30. You can enter and leave the Marketplace e.g. to go to a seminar or to look around the university and return at a later time providing the Marketplace is not too crowded and you have a Convention Guide which is your entry ticket.
The Marketplace is often quieter from 12.00midday onwards and may allow you to have more in depth conversations with the exhibitors in attendance at this time. 
A full list of the seminars available can be seen by clicking here 
The seminar programme is repeated on each day of the Convention and attendees can go to up to 4 of the seminars. If you are an attending student you do not have to go to the marketplace where the university stands are before attending a talk.
Indeed, if you wish you can attend a seminar talk in all four of the time slots and attend the marketplace afterwards.
If you have any questions about the event please e mail Iain.Logan@connexionslive.com 

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