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Our Work with Parents

We work across the Greater Merseyside Area, in Halton, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral. Through our Career Connect team, we offer a service in schools and colleges in these areas.

We have Centres in all of these areas where young people and their Parents can call in for help, advice, information and guidance.  click here to find us
Our Advisers are professionally qualified, friendly and with a real interest in helping young people make the most of the available opportunities.

If your son or daughter is not in education, employment or training (NEET) our Advisers will work with them to ensure they are able to access appropriate learning and training opportunities.

Our Advisers work at community centres, libraries and with other agencies where young people meet so we can see young people where they feel most comfortable.

In schools and colleges the help and support Careers Advisers offer can be provided via group work or through one to one interviews or more intensive support on issues like bullying or health and relationships
We offer support from year 9 through to Sixth form and College.

Here are some of the ways we can help, but it doesn't cover everything we can offer:

Information, Advice and Guidance on

  • Further education
  • Higher Education
  • Employment and Training Opportunities
  • Choices at 18 option brochure
  • Financial help available including support for study
  • An annual Higher Education Conference for all students interested in applying for HE

For young people who are unemployed:

  • One to one guidance interviews and support in a local community venue 
  • Help finding the right financial support 
  • Access to computer based assessment and guidance programmes
  • Support with applications to study, work or training 
  • Support with post 16 transition

For young people who are in a school, where Career Connect is available:

  • Guidance and one to one support including help with option choice, for example specialist diplomas
  • Talks on career options and pathways guidance interview to explore career choice
  • Information and advice available at parents’ evenings in school
  • Support for young people preparing for work experience 
  • Information on Post 16 options via talks, booklets, and a dedicated Connected website linked to the individual school 
  • Help finding the right financial support for further study or learning 
  • Access to computer based assessment and guidance programmes 
  • Support with applications to post 16 study, work or training 
  • Career conventions or Careers Fairs at schools 
  • An annual Higher Education Conference for students interested in applying for HE


Working with Parents
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