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If your son or daughter has special needs

GMCP provide additional support for young people with learning difficulties
and/or disabilities up to the age of 25.

The Connexions Personal Adviser will help your son or daughter plan for the future by:  

  • Attending their annual review meeting from Year 9 onwards

  • Offering them individual interviews to discuss their future plans

  • Attending parents evenings and other events

  • Supporting them on visits to colleges, schools, training providers and employers

  • Linking with other agencies and organisations on you’re their behalf

  • Helping and supporting them with applications and interviews

  • Work with all the relevant people to ensure that your son or daughter makes a smooth transition from school to whatever they chose to do next

What are the options?

 After Year 11 the main options for your son or daughter might be one of the following:

  • Going to a local college either full or part time

  • Going to a residential college away from home

  • Staying on at school Entering social service provision (if aged 18 or over)

  • Getting a place on work based learning

Your son or daughter’s Connexions Personal Adviser can help them make the right choice and help with applications.

Once your son or daughter is aged 19 their Connexions Personal Adviser will work closely with them to explore all the options and will link with other people who can help e.g. Disability employment Advisers, University Disability Officers etc

SEN / LDD Support
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