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Schools & Colleges

This part of the website provides an overview of the services Connexions offers to schools and colleges. It is set in the context of the changing structures for all children and young people's services signaled by Every Child Matters, Youth Matters and the 14-19 Education and Skills Implementation Plan.

Over the next year Greater Merseyside Connexions will be responding flexibly to these changes working collaboratively with local authorities, schools, colleges and emerging collaborative arrangements to meet the needs of young people across the area and to support raised aspirations and attainment, increased progression and a reduction in those young people who do not engage post-16. In particular over the next year we aim to:

• ensure our services meet the new Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) standards, and support partners to also meet these standards so that all young people receive their entitlement to IAG;

• maintain targeted support to young people with complex needs including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities;

• support 14-19 curriculum developments including careers education;

• make appropriate contributions to ECM outcomes for all young people.
Schools & Colleges
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