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Sexual Health

Sexual Health - time to talk about sex

Many young people and their parents still feel awkward talking about sex. 

click on this link to go to the NHS web site Sex - Worth Talking About.

The campaign is hoping to promote more open discussions about sex, relationships and contraception among 16 - to 24 year-olds and their parents.

You might have seen the campaign's initial phase on TV which shows snippets of "contraception conversations" in speech bubbles in a variety of everyday settings, such as a shopping centre or in front of the television.

It is hoped this will help raise awareness of Chlamydia and unwanted pregnancies.

The campaign aims to give parents the confidence, communication skills, and knowledge to discuss sex - making them more comfortable talking about an issue that can cause embarrassment.


  • 26% - Think of sex as a taboo topic of conversation

  • 26% - Feel awkward discussing contraception with friends

  • 33% - Feel awkward discussing sex with friends

  • 62% - Would not be comfortable talking about sexual health & contraception with their mum

  • 68% - Never discuss sexual health with their family

  • 80% - Would not be comfortable talking about sexual health & contraception with their dad                  Source: Populus (October 2009)

You can get information and support on Sexual Health from Brook, who have centres in Liverpool and Birkenhead. 

you can contact them via their website, e-mail, phone or text

 click on the links below for further information

 St Helens Teenage advice zone
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